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I’m a global early stage investor, and have been a serial entrepreneur, an executive at large corporations, a consultant, a financial analyst, and a robotics geek.  My education spans a few areas, including an MBA (Marketing & Entrepreneurial Management) Wharton, Masters in Engineering, Northwestern, BS in Engineering at Harvey Mudd, and I happened to find time to become a CFA Charterholder along the way.  My career has “pivoted” a couple of times, so I have been exposed to a lot of different industries, people, cultures, and businesses, and I think that gives me a bit of a unique perspective.

I invest in early stage companies, and I’m always looking for the best teams.  I don’t care about geography because I see the world flattening on a daily basis.  I do care that the team understands their market, and they are passionately committed to building something special.  Ideas don’t capture my attention, people do.

Contact me:

Twitter: @jon_soberg


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